Ann Carr Review

“So we had a really great experience with
conservation we would certainly

recommend them to anyone for us one of
the things was we wanted the ability to

replace the windows one room at a time
we don’t really like going into debt or

anything like that so this gave us a
great opportunity to do that

like I’d mentioned the salesperson was
fantastic there was no high-pressure

sales they were more than willing to
give us other references so that we

could go check out other windows things
like that and he also spent lots of time

with us just you know making sure we
understood what the different window

choices were we were kind of discussing
a little bit about color what’s that

gonna make a difference and really spend
a lot of time with us on that the

installers were great you know it said
there was a storm or something coming

and they made sure they stayed late to
get the windows secured so we didn’t

have some Deeping hole with a storm
coming through I think there was an

issue with our little window where it
was there was a manufacturing issue with it
they took care of all of that they put

all the paperwork through the next thing
we know we get the call saying hey we

got you a new window when would you like
us to come put it back in so you know

everything was fantastic even if there
were you know bumps they were they were
so minor that you almost forget that
they existed we are certainly looking
forward to when we’re gonna get the next
room time I’m voting for the bedroom
upstairs but we’ll have to wait and see
but the kids love this room you know
like I mentioned we no longer have to
keep 15 blankets in the room in the
wintertime to keep everybody warm
there’s just no drafts the summer it’s

it’s really comfortable in there through
the summer now and we don’t have to
worry about just being an oven behind
all these windows.