Double Hung

Double Hung Windows

Benefits Of A Double Hung Window

Double Hung windows by Conservation Construction are a versatile, unique way to upgrade the performance of your windows. Both the top and bottom sashes move, allowing you to choose how the windows vent. They may cost 10-20% more than single hung, but the benefits outweigh the costs.

The main advantage to double hung windows is ease of maintenance. Both sashes tilt inside the home so that you can clean the exterior as easily as the interior.

Safety is another reason homeowners choose double hung over single hung windows. By opening the top sash, you can achieve full ventilation without worry of a child or pet finding a way outside.

Double hung windows also provide superior ventilation. With the ability to open the top and bottom sash at the same time, you can vent hot air out the top sash, while allowing cool air in the bottom.

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