John Stephens Review

John Stephens

Hi my name is John and id like to give a strong recommendation for Conservation Construction. We recently moved back from over seas and knew immediately  we needed to replace our 23 year old windows in our home and we connected with Conservation Construction and we enjoyed every minute of the process and the decision making and they helped us answer all out questions and planned out how are we going to actually install these windows . The strong points for me were the engineering thats gone into the windows and these sliding glass door, I’m a Nuclear Submarine Officer retired so I understand engineering and on submarines you need things not to leak so I was very impressed with the design of these windows. Secondly I was impressed with the installation our installer came by and he was able to get both doors done quicker than we thought and these doors and windows as I understand it are custom fitted to our opening and they just fit like a glove the thing that blew me away about the installation , is this right here this wood around the door after installing the door our installer pointed out to me that he had actually replaced the wood because our previous wood had began rotting out due to hail storms and heat and wet , heat and wet , on this Colorado facing view , its just everything is perfect and we are looking very much for toward our second third installations to get the whole project finished and if my wife were here she would say the thing that amazes her is these large sliding glass doors one westward facing one southern facing, they are so thermally insulated they feel like your standing in front of a wall and our old doors when you stood in front of them you baked in the summer and froze in the winter you could feel the air coming through we just like to stand in front of these doors weather its hot outside or cold outside because we can feel no difference either way I strongly recommend Conservation Construction for your window needs.