Our Windows Shine More Than A Fancy Ring!

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They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, right? A diamond is rare, and a diamond is an investment. That’s what the ring stores want you to think. Trust me they’re not so rare or else there wouldn’t be hundreds upon hundreds of stores selling these little gems for thousands of dollars. You want to know what a better investment is? A brand new set of windows for your home!

Yes, that’s right. Windows add much more equity into your home than any fancy ring could, plus you’ll get better views and a more stunning window which shines for life.

So let’s talk about logistics for a second. You can sit there with warm water and cleaning solution or even go as far as getting a fancy jewelry cleaner, or you can get something that’s a better investment. Sure diamond jewelry or any jewelry is great to look at, but it can’t save you money on your energy costs and it can’t clean itself like our windows can. So you can sit there and gently rub your tarnished silver necklace with polishing solution, or you can think about getting new windows instead. Stop thinking about buying that new ring and start thinking about an investment for the home that will save you money over time.

Our incredible Conservation 5 series windows are the perfect solution for cleaning problems. They have a special NeatGlass coating which sits on the glass for life and uses the power of the sun to dissolve organic matter from the glass. If any rain comes your way this windows will literally “sheet off” the rain to prevent water spots on the glass. Say goodbye to window cleaner and cleaning cloths. Our glass will shine for you with ease for years to come. Can a jewelry store make the same guarantee?

Finally you’ll be making a much more money savvy choice by choosing new windows. I mean, let’s face it, windows practically pay for themselves over time. Does a fancy ring? We don’t think so. Windows (especially Conservation 5 Series windows) give you a more stable room temperature all year round. They have been known to save the average homeowner up to 30% off their energy bills. This means you’ll have more money in you pocket to spend on the things you want.

Plus the fact that our windows have amazing Low-E Glass. Our patented formula coats the glass with 12 Layers of protection including 3 Layers of Silver. This silver reflects harmful UV rays back outwards so your inside temperature stays stable. It also still allows for beautiful light to come in without bleaching your furniture. Can your piece of jewelry do that? If you just said yes to that last question I have to question you. There’s no way a ring can save you money over time.

Finally, solid gold is very beautiful, but it has got nothing on our stunning Vinyl Windows. We’ve already stated that our windows stay clean all by themselves (shining bright for life). But they are safe. You have to buy a safe to keep your jewelry safe, but our windows keep your house safer innately. They were designed for strength. Our locks have two steps to open them, so your home will be safe and secure all year round with little effort. We designed them that way so you wouldn’t have to worry about break ins.

Rings don’t add equity into your home like windows do. I mean an investment in windows can add a higher asking price to your home when it comes time to selling.

In conclusion windows are a way better investment than a rings or jewelry. It can save you money over time on energy costs and you can get a better selling price when it comes time to move. So when you are daydreaming about something shiny later on in the day maybe daydream about shiny windows instead! They are great for you and your family! Thanks for reading the article and we’ll see you on Friday for another.

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Our Windows Shine More Than Fancy Jewelry
Why our windows are a better investment than jewelry.
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Conservation Construction

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