Increase Home Value Inside To Outside

New Windows, Increase Equity, New Window Replacement

Home Improvement is a great way to increase the equity in your house. From hardwood floors to kitchen and bathrooms, there really is no end to what you can upgrade as a homeowner. But as a homeowner myself, we must think about which projects are going to give us the most back for what we spend. Home renovations only add about 75% of the total money you put into the project. Some projects may add curb appeal like adding a fire pit or outdoor living space. Others like smart devices and new siding or a front door can add additional energy efficiency. Still others like an addition to a home can add more square feet.

So when it comes to remodeling, which is the best for a return on an investment? Which renovation appeals to buyers the most? In real estate there’s really no one good answer to this question. Different buyers are looking for different things when it comes time to them purchasing a home. Additionally, what if you are not ready to sell? What is going to give you the most equity now that will turn into additional equity later? In laymen’s terms, which home improvement project is going to give you the most bang for your buck?

Although new appliances are great to look at and might give you more space or functionality for your home, they don’t always increase the value. They might be a nice option for buyers on the edge of buying, however. 

Everyone is concerned about energy costs nowadays. For those penny pinchers like me, it is easy to look for ways to try and save money. Everything from gas in your car, to how to reduce costs overall in the square footage of a home. With people taking this so seriously it’s always a good idea to consider items like Siding, Window and Doors which add value while reducing energy bills. These “Two birds With One Stone” items add a ton of energy savings to the home.

Take siding for instance, it is a sure fire way to increase value in the home while getting the look and feel of an entire new house altogether.. New siding is impact resistant, insulating, bright, and never has to be painted again. Let me repeat that, it never has to be painted again. This means you’ll have the look and feel of a new house for years with little to no effort.

On top of that windows and doors have the same properties in that they can increase home value and save you money in the process. In fact, new windows have been known to save the average homeowner up to 35% off their current energy bills. In Addition they block 95% of the harmful UV rays from entering the home. This means you’ll no longer have bleached rugs or furniture. Plus new windows and doors are more functional and easy to operate. I put this in because at my home, before we replaced the windows, we couldn’t get but 1 of the windows to open. In fact, the bad windows were how we got the seller to drop the price down when we first bought.

New siding as well as new windows have been proven to block outside noise and quiet a house by up to 45%. This is another huge selling point. When people visit your house it will be quiet as a library in there.

In conclusion there is a real science behind what to replace and when to replace it. Items that need to get upgraded when it comes time to sell a home are different from the items you need to upgrade for everyday life. Appliances might be a good practical thing for both life and add value when it comes time to sell. Windows and Doors are a great for both because they give you more stable room temperatures all year round and add value to the home when it comes time to sell. If you are looking for additional living space, you might want to upgrade this and add more square foot to a home without wanting to move at all.

You don’t need to subscribe to a remodeling magazine to get the “Home remodel” of your dreams. All you need is your computer, hard work and a little innovation to get the home of your dreams.

Thanks for reading and we’ll see you next time. Comment below on what home improvement project you’d like to accomplish in your own home.

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Increase Home Value Inside to Outside
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