What exactly is the Conservation-5 Series?

Conservation-5 Series windows are manufactured exclusively for Conservation Construction to our exacting standards with many features not available anywhere else. These feature are:

  • An integral dual-wall exterior flange frame
  • An easy lift removable sill track
  • Dual brass wheel rollers
  • A 180-degree custom cam action lock
  • The Connserve 5 GlassSystem with krypton/argon blend and Neat Glass
  • C-5 BetterVue screens
  • A lifetime warranty that includes an additional glass breakage and screen warranty, which covers labor and materials

Those features sound a bit confusing, even to us, so allow me to explain some of them a little further. The Conserve-5 GlassSystem consists of three parts: the krypton/argon gas fill, the Conserve 5 spacer, and Neat Glass.

The krypton/argon gas fill is a non-toxic, odorless, insulating invisible blend. This particular blend enhances total window U value performance by as much as 20% versus traditional air fill and up to 10% compared to argon fill.

The Conserve 5 Spacer is our exclusive revolutionary white silicone structural foam spacer. It’s multi-layer mylar barrier provides triple seal performance, superior insulating gas retention and extremely low thermal transfer. This barrier also assures long-term durability, and is backed by a lifetime warranty.

Neat Glass is basic glass coated with a 2 dofferent layers, the first being titanium dioxide. This layer reacts with sunlight to decompose organic materials on the glass, basically “cleaning” itself! The second layer is a silicon dioxide layer, which creates an ultra smooth surface and hydrophilic action to disperse water evenly or “sheet off.” It’s basically like having Rain-Ex built into your window!

To summarize, the Conservation-5 Series windows can only be found here at Conservation Construction. These windows will save you money on utility bills by keeping your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. They are also extremely low maintenance, and pretty much clean themselves. If that all wasn’t good enough, they are backed by a lifetime warranty, making them the best replacement windows on the market.