Hump Day Home Improvement Tips

It’s Hump Day! For those of you like me there is reason to celebrate mid week. It means we’re one step closer to the weekend! It also it means that we’ve made it through Monday. We’ve crossed the hardest part of the week and are now on the downward part. Just a little longer and we’ll be to Friday, right? Seeing that it is Wednesday, we thought you all deserved to learn some tips on how to improve your home to get you over this hump and onto Thursday!

How Much Does The Average American Spend On Home Improvements?

It’s surprising that the average first time American home buyer spent 34K on home improvements in 2016 alone. Millennial’s spend closer to 24K on home improvements this year. Not surprisingly the average overall price people are willing to spend on home improvements has gone up over the past two years. With how much home improvement projects add to the overall equity and curb appeal of a home, this figure is surprising, but not shocking.

With so many people spending so much money on home improvement projects, one thing is clear . . . They, me and you care about the quality of our home life and what kind of home we are living in. It’s up to us which projects we take on. Which home improvement project you pick directly affects your quality of life. It could be from aesthetics to saving money, to a more stable room temperatures, to clearer views. All of these things add up to a more secure home environment. Some projects such as a front door can just add more security to your home. Who wouldn’t want some or all of the above?

What Do you want Out Of Your Home Improvements?

Depending on what your priorities are and how much you want to spend, you could get some or all of the above. We can’t speak to all the home improvement projects, because we don’t sell everything your house could possibly need, but we do sell a ton of objects that could give you improvements in the secure, safe, aesthetically pleasing, and energy efficient categories.

These items are Windows, Siding and Doors. All were made and engineered by Conservation Construction for energy efficiency, but on top of this they have functionality as well. Each and every product we sell is energy star rated for performance. This means you’ll get a thermal products designed for extreme heat, cold, wind, rains and all other extreme weather.

Does Your Home Improvement Add Equity?

Also all our products can add equity and beauty to a home. Our front doors add a pop of color while adding security. Siding can protect your home, insulate better, and give you the look and feel of a brand new home. New windows can give you clear views while adding energy efficiency to a home. One thing is for certain, each and every one of our products adds value back into your home in the form of equity. In fact, projects like ours are known to accrue back 85% of what you spent on the project, unlike a kitchen or bathroom which only gains back 75% of the value you spent.

In addition all or products are backed by lifetime limited warranties which ensures they will stay beautiful and durable for years to come. We work with you so you get the windows, siding or doors of your dreams without any hassle whatever.

In conclusion, it’s really up to you what you want to spend. It’s up to you to decide which home improvement project takes top priority. You decide the destiny of your home improvement projects, so make them great. Make them add up to energy savings and home equity. Please comment below on what your dream home improvement project would be! We are happy to hear from you and get your insights. Until next time . . .

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Hump Day Home Improvement Tips
Learn More About Home Improvement This Wednesday
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