Keep Bugs Out With New Windows

It was perfect timing that this article should be today, because I woke up to a huge spider in my shower. It gave me the heebie jeebies crawling up the side of the tub! I’m no stranger to the “Little Miss Muffet” syndrome. Spiders scare me and, according to research 40% of other Americans find them frightening as well. No, they don’t look as cute as this picture either. Conservation Construction, New Windows, Keep Bugs Out

For a while back in 2016 we lived at my now husband’s Aunt’s House. We were watching over her property. The windows in this home were just about as bad as they could get. You could literally see the breezes pushing the curtains in–even when she had “Blackout Curtains” to shield the home from sun and cold. The biggest major problem was that there was a small garden just outside the front windows. These gardens were swarming with bugs (and a ton of spiders.) These creepy crawlies would come in on the daily and either cling to the windows, or crawl into the house. Not to be gross, but one time I found a huge spider in a completed load of laundry. It was terrifying.

We sealed up the gaps in the windows with caulk and even a clear plastic film, but all the windows were terrible and all were gap/crack ridden. Unfortunately, bugs can squeeze into gaps as small as 3mm round. I refer to this picture here to give you some visual to just how tiny a space that is. Conservation Construction, New Windows, DemonstrationThere was no stopping the bugs, it was like they had free reign over the house and we were powerless to stop them. No matter the amount of spray or bug traps we had, they were everywhere. There is something very unsettling about not knowing when a spider would jump down at you from the ceiling.

So what is the solution to this problem? Clearly bug proofing, bug spray and plastic window screens would not stop these guys from getting through the windows and doors. Our solution came by moving out, but some people don’t have that option with their own home. I’ll tell you an easy way to get rid of the spiders and bugs with little to no effort . . . It is to get replacement windows.

Although this option is a little bit of an investment it does have many benefits to you. Windows up the energy efficiency in your home saving you money over the long haul.

But let’s get to their bug repellent properties. Okay, new windows don’t so much repel as they do stop. New windows are measured to fit your home. They are flush and are insulated. Our installers make sure to add extra insulation around the windows the ensure your home is storm and bug proof. With such a tight seal there is no hope of them going through any gaps. There are no 3mm ares for them to squeeze through.The bugs would literally have to go through the window itself, but with new windows having no cracked glass or gapping between the panes they won’t be able to get in that way either. Plus our superior aluminum screens fit tight too so you can still keep the breezes coming without letting the bugs in.

In conclusion new windows can make it a whole lot easier to keep those creepy crawlies out. It will also save you a ton of money in energy costs. Really without bugs and more money new windows are a win/win for you. Check out our C5 Windows to see why ours are the best at keeping out bugs.

If you find the bugs just rerouting to other areas to get in, we sell an entire line of tight seal entry doors and siding to keep them out too. We encourage you to visit our website for more information. Tell us what you think of the idea of replacement windows to prevent bugs.


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  1. I like how you said that new windows will do wonders to keep bugs out or your home in addition to decreasing your home’s energy costs. My husband and I live in an older home, and I think it’s been quite a while since new windows were put in. I’m glad I read your article because now I know new windows would help with our persistent bug problem.


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