Weeping Windows Are Crying Out To Be Replaced

Windows Need Love 

Let’s start this article out with a metaphor. I want to you picture in your head a crying baby. It’s screeching and wailing and in desperate need of attention. They need a bottle, a diaper, a nap or love. You can think of your crying windows in the same respect minus the diaper, bottle or nap. However, your windows do need a lot of love and attention. If they have condensation between the glass which is dripping down the glass, your windows are literally crying out to be replaced.

Windows are easy to overlook because they are often hidden behind a curtain, but trust us they’re there. If you are in desperate need of windows like I was–take example 1 as proof (these were my real windows no joke). They were crying and weeping from condensation being trapped between the glass. I used a curtain to hide the windows from sight, but that only solved the issue of me having to look the grotesque things. They weren’t energy efficient and they certainly weren’t something I wanted guests to see when they came over.

At the same time my house allows for a lot of natural light, and I wanted to keep the curtains open to make the house more airy and bright. It’s just too bad there were these pesky outdated aluminum window frames and glazed windows with condensation stuck between the glass. 

Trust me, it wasn’t preventing the cool air from getting inside during the winter time either. There were ice crystals forming on the inside of my windows. Sort of like this . . .

Ice inside in the corner of a window in winter. Poor warm isolation concept.

And in the summer there was a ton of air exchange and sun exposure let inside to keep the house hot as ever. When you don’t have air conditioning, it makes it 5 times worse.

Why Windows Effect So Much 

After getting new windows for my home it was a huge difference. So much so that in the winter time when the furnace would come on 4-5 times a night it went down to 0. That’s right folks. My windows prevented my furnace from even having to work at night. How great is that?

But the most dramatic difference, even more so than energy savings, are the clear views I now get from the windows. I mean the overall feeling in my home has gone from gloomy to cheery. I can now look out my windows without seeing a ton of splotches caused from water that was just sitting between the panes for years. The curtains are open full wide and all that sunlight is now let in. I’m telling you my mood has gone up so much. I could not be happier with the windows. Now I’m not embarrassed to keep them hidden behind the curtains when guests come over either.

Why Weeping Windows Are Not Advantageous To You

Weeping windows are not only bad to look at they are bad for your home. When you have windows with condensation stuck between the glass the seal has broken at this point. When the seal is broken it doesn’t prevent anything from coming into your home. Breezes and bugs are just a couple of examples of what could be entering your home without you wanting it to. Besides old glass didn’t meet any standards for energy efficiency at all. Now builders and new window manufacturers are required to have glass that are low emissivity.

What is low emissivity? Low-E Coatings are when heat or light energy is either absorbed by the glass or it is convected away. The ability of a material to radiate energy  is called emissivity. Low-E Glass as we have here at Conservation Construction can radiate as low as .04 heat. The lower the number the better.

Finally, if you replaced your windows for the home it would be a huge drop in energy costs.Before & After Windows, Conservation Construction, New Windows, Replacement Windows

In conclusion, you don’t have to put up with weeping windows. Stop them crying for attention with new energy efficient windows. Remember to always ask for Low-E Glass. Lastly, remember that windows are an investment one that can definitely pay off–even if just in the form of a more bright home and a more energetic you!

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Weeping Windows Need To Get Replaced
Why weeping windows are dragging down your mood and energy efficiency.
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3 Responses to “Weeping Windows Are Crying Out To Be Replaced”

  1. I have never considered the fact that when condensation is stuck between a window’s glass, then the seal is broken. My brother is replacing a bunch of things at his house so that he can sell it and buy a new one for his family. His windows were installed in the 70s, so it might be a good idea for him to hire a company to replace them before he puts his house up for sale.

  2. I like how you said that having a clear view from your home’s windows has helped bring the overall feeling in your home from gloomy to cheery. My home’s windows are pretty old, and I’ve also noticed that it has a general gloomy feeling in the exterior. I’m glad I read your article because I hadn’t considered that getting new windows might be able to improve the atmosphere in my home.

  3. Maybe the windows need to be replaced because of the condensation that has been appearing on the glass lately. I think doing so is an energy-efficient option so I’ll hire a contractor to replace the windows in my home. Thanks for adding that it will also allow a lot of natural light to get in so I’ll make sure that I’ll have it replaced a week from now.

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